• public school

    Teaching English at Buddhist Monastery

    Learn Buddhism and at the same time teach English to Buddhist monks & nuns by volunteering in Buddhist monastery & nunnery.

  • childhood

    Early Childhood Development

    If you are child lover and enjoy teaching them through drama, arts, and social games then book your place at VIN established ECD centers.

  • women

    Women Empowerment

    Support Nepalese disadvantaged women to become self sufficient by providing them life changing training and education.

  • school

    Youth empowerment

    Teach life skill to Nepalese youth and stop huge brain drain of Nepal. Make them responsible for local community development.

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Every single contribution takes us one step further to realising our dream of making this facility a reality.

This table shows an example of the costs of materials, to give you an idea what we can realise with your contribution

100 bricks $15
I bag of cement $10
1000 bricks $150
50kg rods $50
1 window $200
Staff salary for 1 month $200

Many of donors and donor organisations have been really creative in launching initiatives to raise funds. From sponsored diets, to sports days, from raffles to sponsored walks.

Donor Recognition

All donors who make gifts over $100 to The Nepal Children’s Home will have their names listed on a central wall in the atrium of the new facility.

Quarterly newsletter

All donors will receive a quarterly newsletter detailing the progress of the facility.

On this website you will be given weekly updates on fundraising and project progress.